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Words from the Emerged: Charles Darwin in Creation (a BBC film – 2009)

I’m watching this really great movie called Creation. It’s a biopic on Charles Darwin, set during the time of his life when he was writing The Origin of Species, and also going a bit bonkers. It’s a really lovely movie, with two of my fave actors (as well as a fave celebrity husband and wife team!) Paul Bettany, and Jennifer Connolly, of course, from the marvel epic that is the movie Labyrinth.

The movie is breathtaking, and is a definite must-see, because it’s on Netflix instant streaming. It really delves into the the spirituality and essence of Darwin as a man, not just the scientific icon. It’s heartbreaking to see the man who turned evolutionary theory on its head struggle through his grief and with his own faith. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from it, so far, during a scene when Darwin’s Doctor is trying to figure out why he is so ill.



Darwin’s Doctor:”Pulse hectic, tongue firred, liver tender and enlarged. I don’t suppose you’ve been exercising your brain every hour that God gave you?”

Charles Darwin: “I’ have been writing a book.”

Darwin’s Doctor: “Madness! There are far too many of those already.”


Rock on, BBC. You’ll make an anglophile out of me yet!


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